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Someone who is so stupid you sometimes think they are handicapped.
"Suren, That helmet makes you look like a handi"
by Tam March 16, 2004
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Someone that could be so stupid sometimes, though fun to be around. Usually a caring person as charismatic. Sometimes you wanna slap them and say what? But you still love em I guess. Also they are pretty funny and stupid.
You’re such a handi? you’re pulling a handi .
by Timothy crude December 18, 2017
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a handi is when a man cums all in a womens nose, and when she sneezes it looks like an avalanche of mt. everest. normally the girls nose is clogged for days afterwards, and when she has the sniffles the man thinks about how he's gonna do it again right after her nose clears up.
Don't give me another handi because my doctor said my nose cavities are unhealthy from cum overdose.
by Andi Heather May 21, 2008
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