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The sensation of warmth spreading rapidly over one's hand in a pleasing and stimulating manner.
Sticking your hand in a warm glove or some other similarly warmth providing pocket. Ex. Joel gave me his gloves to wear and they gave me a handgasm.
by Yoshi1990 December 05, 2010
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special handshake; also known as the queef shake; occurs while shaking hands where one or both people of the handshake allo their middle finger to stick out and tickle one another's palm;

similar to 'fingering' another's vagina but on the palm of one's hand
Aaron gave Shalini and handgasm after which she gave a great laugh of pleasure
by war the choata February 22, 2005
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The self induced orgasm which spawns from the hand.
Little Susie: hey did you get laid last night?

Little Johnny: I wish! Times are rough! I had a handgasm!
by AK47dog June 04, 2015
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The act of giving a Male or Female an orgasm using only your hands or fingers
I gave my boyfriend the best Handgasm last night and he shot his load all over me !
by gottascuba September 14, 2007
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