To expel or to cover all over.
Yo steve, my gf let me halk all over her face last night. Last night I wasn't feeling well and ended up halking all over the floor. I halked the floor with beer after the Patriots lost the superbowl.
by April 23, 2019
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a person who tries to make fun of or disrespect people when they don't have their facts right
Diana is being a halk right now, trying to tell me i'm boring.
by yaya23 August 19, 2017
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The alternative alias for the famously promiscuous music star, Hollywood Halk.
Girl 1: I had sex with The Incredible Halk last night.
Girl 2: The green guy?
Girl 1: No no no, the one who's last name is spelled with an "a."
Girl 2: Not with a "u?"
Girl 1: Correct. Except he actually was with me all last night.
Girl 2: Nice pun! High five!
Hollywood Halk: I'm gonna' slam both of you in the anuses if you call me The Incredible Halk again.
Both Girls: Sorry, Incredible Halk.

*Hollywood Halk unveils his bath robe*
by Hollywood Halk August 10, 2008
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Rachel Halko at her most hyper moments
There goes the incredible mountain due
by Fellow Classmate March 12, 2004
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Halk means hulk but It’s a mcbomba way of saying halk, It is such a bad word, It’s worse than the n word, It’s the h word, if you say it, you will go to hell, so don’t say it, or I’ll call the police. <:)

And what it means, It’s the same meaning of good riddance.
by Iwontsayit December 4, 2021
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