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A colloquialism common to Canadian dialects, usually being added to the end of a sentence. The spoken tone of the word implies something to the effect of "do you agree?" Yet, the social connotation of the conversation's context usually implies that the speaker assumes that the listener already does agree. Therefore when a listener is presented with the post-sentence interrogative "eh," both responding in affirmation, and not responding at all, is appropriate.

In short, it's a term used to assert one's own opinion while cautiously acknowledging that the listener is of the same opinion.
Example 1:

Guy 1: I was on my ski-doo the other day and I saw a moose eating a bucket of poutine.
Guy 2: Fuck off, eh?

Example 2:

Guy 1: That girl has a big set of hooters, eh?
*Guy 2 is silent*

Example 3:
*Guy hands waitress a tip*
Waitress: Thanks alot, eh?
*Guy walks away*

Example 4:

Guy 1: There's some shit on your face, eh?
*Guy 2 beats the shit out of Guy 1*
by Hollywood Halk August 12, 2008

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The alternative alias for the famously promiscuous music star, Hollywood Halk.
Girl 1: I had sex with The Incredible Halk last night.
Girl 2: The green guy?
Girl 1: No no no, the one who's last name is spelled with an "a."
Girl 2: Not with a "u?"
Girl 1: Correct. Except he actually was with me all last night.
Girl 2: Nice pun! High five!
Hollywood Halk: I'm gonna' slam both of you in the anuses if you call me The Incredible Halk again.
Both Girls: Sorry, Incredible Halk.

*Hollywood Halk unveils his bath robe*
by Hollywood Halk August 10, 2008

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A Beefy Chaos is an epic sex maneuver that begins when a man goes to a club with his pants stuffed with slabs of raw meat. He then picks up a sweet babe and convinces her to go home with him.

After ten minutes of dry humping, the female will begin to think that the squishy lump fornicating her asscheeks is merely the young stud's impressively huge, yet unerect phallus.

As the male continues to kiss the female gently on the cheeks, the female seeks to engage the full potential of the schlong. The female unbuttons his pants and... Surprise! It's a Beefy Chaos!
Girl 1: I got Beefy Chaosed again last night.
Girl 2: Again? Wtf!
Girl 1: Good thing I'm vegan.
Girl 2: Ain't that the truth, high five!
by Hollywood Halk August 10, 2008

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A seduction/self defense mechanism of Canadian women where they only shave one armpit while the other is left to grow unhealthily long. The young canuckette shields the bald shoulder pocket with a purse, thereby she has the option to demonstrate to potential suiters her bare side, or the hairy side (the wing).
Example 1:

Girl: "Right after I gave my beaver a raise, I began clearcutting my pit pubes but ran out of time, so now I'm sporting a half standard.

Example 2:

Guy 1: "I just asked that hot plotte down there for her number and she flapped her wing."

Guy 2: En tabarnak

Example 3:

Guy: "The paradox is this: The wing of a half standard actually turns me on, but I only get to see it when rejected."

Guy 2: "Damn pitpubes get the best of us."
by Hollywood Halk February 21, 2010

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When a 27 year old virgin performs fellatio on a guy, but due to poor education retention she insists upon using a banana flavored condom. She brings the condom. This action results in an explosion of banana flavored confusion for the male participant.
Guy 1: This 27 year old virgin went down on me last night. Weird thing, though, was that she used a banana flavored condom. Who wants to suck on a banana flavored cock?
Guy 2: A girl that wants a banana explosion.
by Hollywood Halk August 10, 2008

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An ancient Greek sophist who claimed to be a philosopher. It is often overlooked by the general homophobic public that Socrates' dialogs were often erotic in nature. Socrates was in general an asshole.

Pretentious first year university student:

Have you heard of the genius that is Socrates?

Normal person:

You mean that guy who liked to have butt sex while asking too many questions?
by Hollywood Halk September 16, 2008

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Hobo wine.

18.5% alcohol that is usually used for cooking. College students and hobos drink it because of its great alcohol/price ratio.
Guy 1: I drank a bottle of Sherry last night and I woke up on a cum stained mattress in the downtown area.
Guy 2: Haha! Good ol' poor man's wine.
by Hollywood Halk August 12, 2008

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