jimmy: I'm crazy and YOUR the half breed???
Xander: No YOUR a f*ckin half breed

bill: DUDE that crazy half breed down the street stole my bike
John: which half stole it?
bill: the black half
john: you ignorant racist
bill: im black nukka
by blackastheaceofspades April 08, 2006
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a person who comes from a mixed background, such as one parent being white and the other being black. It's not a bad thing and it's not an "offensive" word but people try to make it sounds bad when using it.
Guy: You stanky hoe.
Girl: Get the hell outta hare you damn half breed!
by RIRL2 March 11, 2008
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A person of mixed race. i.e. someone who's parents are of different races making them half of each parent. therefore they are halfbreeds. Mostly deeling with half white half bleck kids who still think they're all black.
by jibbajabba December 16, 2004
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What you call the offspring of a black and white couple. Usually ones that are light skinned and which you can tell that they're mixed

Andre: "Man this February on Facebook I'm gonna post a famous black person everyday on my wall.

Joe: "Andre, you're not even full black, you're a half breed".


Max: "Man Tyler is a beast in football, track, and basketball".

Will: "Yeah but he's a half breed, he can't dance".
by The Groove DJ March 22, 2011
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is when two people mix cultures and have a baby
domenic italian fucks the shit out of anna australian and she gives birth to a half breed
by rebeccam September 08, 2006
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some one who is half sicilian and half northern italian. it is very offensive and can split apart a nieghbor hood
idon't want my daughter dating a half breed.
by diton March 30, 2008
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