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When you excess doo doo hanging from your butt and you have to jiggle to get it off.
Bob: Man I hate it when there's extra doo doo after i get through, its hard to get it off with tp.

Jim: Ah, just do the chocolate shuffle and it'll fall right down.
by The Groove DJ July 12, 2011
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When a male singer under the age of 18 sings about love and happiness and cute girls and living happily ever after hits 18, and starts to sing very sexual songs, cusses and has sex multiple times, usually after a very shocking/traumatic event that headlines the news for weeks.
1. Tammy(16yo): Oh my gosh I love Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!! He's so amazing, his lyrics are so thoughtful and nice!

Danny: Yeah they are now, but wait til he hits 18. He's gonna go through the Chris Brown Transition (The Crossover).

Tammy: ???

Danny: Yeah he's gonna make a sextape or something, get shunned, and come back with a rated R mixtape and from then on out he's gonna make songs about sex positions, smoking weed, and be in songs featuring lil wayne and busta rhymes.

After Chris Brown beat Rihanna, he wasn't singin With You anymore
by The Groove DJ July 12, 2011
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What you call the offspring of a black and white couple. Usually ones that are light skinned and which you can tell that they're mixed

Andre: "Man this February on Facebook I'm gonna post a famous black person everyday on my wall.

Joe: "Andre, you're not even full black, you're a half breed".


Max: "Man Tyler is a beast in football, track, and basketball".

Will: "Yeah but he's a half breed, he can't dance".
by The Groove DJ March 22, 2011
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The stomach a future mom gets when she's pregnant. Usually used when trying to decide if a woman is pregnant or not.
1. James: Hey Bill, Did You See Cathy?

Bill: Yeah She Got Big Didn't She?

James: Naw I Think That's A Mummy Tummy

2. "Excuse me, are you fat or is that just a mummy tummy?"
by The Groove DJ February 28, 2011
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