Xander is an all around great friend! Xander is really kind and loves everybody that is nice him. Xander is crazy, weird, and a little annoying, but in a good and funny way. Xander is the kind of guy that alway has your back, no matter What! Xander is really random and funny, and knows how to make people laugh, but also question humanity. If you are having a bad day Xander is always there to make you feel better. Xander loves and gives great hugs, and LOVES to snuggle. Xander isn't the most smart or good looking guy, but he knows how to treat a woman right. Xander is very protective of everyone he loves and is quick to stand up for others. Xander is really fun to be around and is entertaining no matter where he is. You're missing out big time if you're not friends with a Xander!!!
'Xander is a really GREAT friend!"
by What a weeeb April 11, 2019
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The weirdo in your class who makes you question reality, but has a good sense of humour so it's all right.
Wow, Xander is weird.
It's Xander...
by Little Toast April 28, 2017
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he is very hot with nice hair but not it a basic boy type of way. hes very open and honest and hilarious. athletic and skinny bod but lean at the same time. gets lots of ass and is smooth with girls. great friend and can get deep when he needs to. good at giving unapologetic opinions and advice to single girls who need help. the hottest out of friend group but friends are funny af. also will boost the f out of ur confidence when he gives compliments cause u know he wouldn't lie about it. when he has a girlfriend hes a great big brother type
dang i hope xander is here today hes so fun to talk to
by joeyurboiblow October 25, 2018
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Xander is the funniest, kindest, loving, loyal person I've ever met and I LOVE YOU
if you know any Xander's make sure you tell them that they're amazing, this is for Xander

My love for you is like the raging sea,
So powerful and deep it will forever be.
Through storm, wind, and heavy rain,
It will withstand every pain.

I love you, Xander <3
Xander you're amazing
by Skye Edenborough-Stewart February 1, 2018
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Xander is a wonderful human being who is loved by each and every person he talks to. His heart is full and he is the absolute nicest boy you will ever meet. If your day isn't going to well all you gotta do is text Xander and he'll brighten it right up. Every thing he does is out of kindness and joy. Plus he's got great hair. Overall, if you don't have a friend like Xander, you need a friend like xander
Xander is so nice!!!!!
by meggplantt November 21, 2016
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Xander is the guy you see rejecting others just because he thinks they won't like him eventually. He puts up a wall around himself and tears himself down so others won't see how prideful he really is (Only a few close friends, family, and lovers can see that). On the inside though he is one of the most kind, unique, adorably quirky, and generous people you will ever find. If you find this rare and amazing creature keep it because there isn't ever going to be another like him. He can be really stubborn and will stand his ground in an argument (unless it's that special someone). He is really tall and has the most beautiful blue eyes. Xander is very ambitious with his goals for the future so he works very hard to get there. He thinks having a crush is what love feels like, until he meets that one who makes him really fall in love. When Xander is in love, best believe he will shower you with love and gifts and hugs as often as he can. He needs to be consistently reminded that he is enough, that he is loved, to be himself, and to tear that wall down.
Person 1: *zones out*

Person 2: Xander?

Person 1: How'd you know,

Person 2: I was too
by AkrasiaNorth July 8, 2019
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He’s a fucking moron lmao.

However he’s a nice person so I guess you should be friends with him
Person 1: Hey look it’s Xander
Person 2: shit
by MemoliLover November 14, 2019
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