It's the "gay" color in Russian-speaking countries, much like purple is in America.
Russian: "that guy, he so--light blue"
American: "Light-blue? What the fuck? It's purple. Purple is the color we use here to describe gays."
by Barnakey September 4, 2006
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when a girl has light blue nails, you know they have a boyfriend
Jake : hey that girl over there’s pretty cute, should i get the snap?
Josh : nah dude she’s got a man, look at her light blue nails
by beachbum1279 May 16, 2021
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Looking into the eyes of this person makes you feel like swimming in the most beautiful light-blue ocean of the world, save, fascinated and overwhelmed by that beauty. Like diving deep into the ocean you can loose track about time when diving into those ocean eyes.This girl is your comfort place and makes you wanna come back instantly after leaving.
Person 1: Who is your light-blue?
Person 2: You can't be real asking me that question .. of course my light-blue is ...
Person 1: Your gf Emma isn't it?
Person 2: Emmaa <3
by iluvuemski December 12, 2021
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What light blue nails mean is that when a girl has light blue nail polish on she has a boyfriend.
“Yo man look how cute that girl is ima go ask for her snap”
“Bro do you not see her light blue nails she has a boyfriend
by Chickennugs4life July 15, 2021
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People who are college educated yet have technical skills from a tech college that compliments their educational spectrum that creates a perfect rounded employable individual that is highly needed in today's society.
John, is an great example of the light blue collar workers that this company needs.
by Fyr75 February 9, 2019
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Denim jeans which hae a very pale, plain and light blue colouration and tend to be worn by homosexual men.
"I think that guy is turning gay. He's started sleeping with men and he's wearing light blue jeans,"
"yer, that's always a giveaway,"
by PrimeMinister August 4, 2007
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When you cum with 3 other men onto a chick with with blue waffles
Wanna go fuck Mary, we'll go with Will Smith and give her light blue waffles
by PointingatmyBALLZ October 14, 2022
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