htl stands for hyrum town locos and it originated in hyrum town Utah. its a Mexican norte gang.
by hustleandfly August 29, 2016
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A GORUCK HTL is a series of special forces inspired endurance events for civilians. Current and former special operations soldiers lead each event and put participants through a series of challenges, cover specified mileage under weight and duress. The first event, a Heavy (H), lasts 24 hours and covers no less than 40 miles . The second event, a Tough (T), lasts 12 hours and covers no less than 20 miles. The third event, a Light (L), lasts 6 hours and covers no less than 10 miles. Participants experience a short break (roughly 3 hours) between each event. Those who complete the event are receive a 3x2 patch for each event as well as the coveted HTL Bolts patch.
"Man, you're going to attempt an HTL this weekend? That is insane"
"When I did my HTL, I was awake for almost 70 hours straight"
by bigdaddy1944 September 20, 2019
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Hard to Learn. Used to describe someone who is hard to teach or that cannot easily understand an idea or concept.
I tried to show him how to multiply by 5 and he ain't get it. Man, you know he HTL!
by kinfolk713 December 21, 2012
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