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A great accomplishment, from skateboarding culture, landing a trick perfectly with each foot on your front and back truck bolts and ride away.
Pound a beer let out a huge burp then yell "BOLTS!!"
by Ian Purvis April 12, 2007
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The first spurt of your nut is a Bolt. It fires fast and far like a lightning bolt. The proper use of bolt is to be used in junction with nut.
"I nuts & bolted that bitch!"
"I think I made a new world record with my Bolt today."
by seka_ August 13, 2017
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A term used for skateboarding. When you do any type of trick that requires your feet to leave the board, catch it, and land with each foot directly on the bolts.
Damn! Eric tried to kickflip El Toro and bailed like a bitch, then Sam came and showed him up with his steezy frontside flip BOLTS!!
by $am1? December 04, 2008
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Locking in plans. Confirming/Confirmed details.
1."Lemme check my calendar before I bolt it"
2."Are we going out tomorrow still?"
"Yeah its totally bolt"
by dannymce February 10, 2014
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Used to describe when a skateboard trick is stomped to perfection. Name comes from the rider landing with his feet over the bolts/trucks.

Also used in snowboarding when a trick is landed super clean.

If you see someone stomp something with zero sketch factor, yell "BOLTS!"
"He landed that treflip bolts"

Johnny: "Oh my god that was the cleanest switch nosepress ever!"
Simon: "BOLTS!"
by grenadegloves December 17, 2009
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The Rexdale Ryders are pussies so they bolted when the Brown Bullets came
by S Cubed August 19, 2003
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To wack off in the handicap stall of a school while taking a dump, and this requires a iphone, iphone3gs or an itouch( first or second generation)
samuel: hey mike what r u doing in there?!(the stall door opens)
Mike: ahh! Wtf get out of here
Samuel: were u....wacking off?
Mike: shut up I was only bolting
by goochiemancan January 07, 2010
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