His/Her Royal Highness. Title for certain members of the British Royal Family.
The Queen wanted to reduce the number of HRH's from 39 to 12. Princess Diana was willing to abndon the title.
by Gumba Gumba April 13, 2004
Hard Rock Hallelujah! A song made by Mr. Lordi from Finland, which won Eurovision song contest in Athens 2006.
Im listening to Lordi - hrh.
by hyvälordi May 21, 2006
It means Hard Rock Hallelujah that was the first song that ever made a winning for finland in EuroVision Song Contest 2006
I loved HRH in the song contest for the Euro Vision SOng Contest
by Jesper Tiainen May 21, 2006
The initials/ nickname of a beautiful and glamorous woman. Exudes intelligence and class at all times. Worshiped and adored by all. A loyal friend and cat lover.
"I have waited my whole life to meet an HRH to carry on my gene pool"
by HarpetteA August 8, 2010
Similar to heh, in that it can be used as a filler for other words, or a neutral acknowledgment of what someone has said. Origin of the word is fuzzy, much like pwned it may have arisen as an error when typing heh. Like heh, the use of this word is difficult to master, and simply allowing it to naturally enter your vernacular is best.
<Wing> Heh at school I found this chick passed out in the hallway.
<NKD> hrhhhhhh
by N Dietrich January 29, 2008
A posh bird's peculiar way of laughing - Ha ruddy ha !
At the end of a very funny joke the posh bird laughed in her peculiar way hrh.
by Stias August 12, 2005
a term used when referring to a posh bird from salisbury.
wha gwan hrh? or
hey hrh how are u?
by The Great One July 29, 2004