HRH (Highly Residuous Habitat) The Screen refers to the situation in which a very thin layer of sweat forms between your ear and your mobile phone screen during a particularly long phone call on a hot day.
"OMG I'm going to have to go, I've just seen HRH The Screen!".
by Martin Sure July 23, 2012
personified eating disorder who is constantly off her meds and rages about literally everything
hrh collection: yes, I only eat 1200 calories because I’m not a fat disgusting pig like you guys tehehe 💋
by classyetrashy June 6, 2021
The initials belonging to an imposter of the queen of England - Henrietta R. Hippo. Often mistaken as His/Her Royal Highness.
Officer McTaggart: The gig is up Henrietta, the world is aware that you are no the queen.
HRH: Fuck you Taggart!
by ZidaneTheBiscuitMan July 18, 2015