wha gwan is patois ( jamaican ) for what going on or whats up !
person 1: wha gwan my-yute
person 2: nuttin' ah gwan bredren
by Trimacan trini/jah November 5, 2005
Jamaican/Caribbean way of saying what's up or what's going on
Person 1: Wha gwan souljah?
Person 2: Nuttin I'm just here, what you dealin wit star?
by akbp November 24, 2018
The wannabe way of spelling wagwan.
Wannabe: Wha Gwan dude?
Jamaican Rasta: Wtf is that, do you mean WAGWAN?
by MizzCanukie April 30, 2004
'hello people' or a way of saying 'hello love' in a gangsta way
or 'how things doin'
wha gwan love?
by DdF October 17, 2003
What's Up, Hello, How are things
created in New York City in the early 90's by New York City DJ Steelie Bashment.
Hey, Wha gwan, what are you guys doing today. Want to go the club?
by weekend dread July 7, 2004
Familiar greeting for Jamaican's. Would normally be said when friends meet. Is used the same way as "What's Up".
wha-gwan my youth
by Seekism January 6, 2012