3 definitions by HarpetteA

The initials/ nickname of a beautiful and glamorous woman. Exudes intelligence and class at all times. Worshiped and adored by all. A loyal friend and cat lover.
"I have waited my whole life to meet an HRH to carry on my gene pool"
by HarpetteA August 8, 2010
Fictional male or female band member. From the band Harpies. Females are often referred to as Harpettes.
There is a Harpie from the Harpies
by HarpetteA August 8, 2010
Fictional band composed of a collection of insanely cool people...especially the female members. Their enormous success can be attributed to band practice.

First Album:r The Tony Danza

Hit Song: Remake of Journey's Don't Stop Believin'
"The Harpies are the shit, I so wanna be in the band".

"Check out that super-hot, incredibly cool Harpie on the tambourine. She is a total Harpette"

Q: "How awesome is that chick? Wish I could give her The Tony Danza!"
A: "Totally awesome. She must be one of the Harpies.
by HarpetteA August 8, 2010