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a multi-functional word: very/a lot/hard/etc. Accentuates any verb.
She was doin' some maaaad studying last night. She was mad jonesin' for that guy, last night.
by The Great One December 14, 1999
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When two juices are pitted against each other in a bid to determine which juice is the more superior.
the organic pressed apple beat the aldi apple in the 3rd annual juice off.
by The Great One July 23, 2004
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Due to the title of this one, it is only appropriate when performed in New York AND in a Subway... now... we can proceed... Ths New York Subway Smash... is when doing a girl doggy style or giving her the LDFDB on the subway.. she should be holding on to the rails at this point... when almost reaching climax she should loosen her grip reach for the emergency break ultimately smashing her bitchass through the window
I don't like that dirty bitch so I gave her the new york subway smash
by The Great One April 22, 2004
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