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Preps can be found anywhere in the world, and are known as wealthy, upper middle-class people. Mostly noticed, in highschools, colleges, country clubs, and famous dinner parties.

Can be extremely shallow, and/or ignorant towards other people that are not within their socioeconomic status.

98% of all preps are caucasian.

Most of which do not earn their way to the top of the socio-economic ladder but end up there because of their parents therefore making their "significance" rather manufactured.

A group of people who may not show but can have an incredibly large amount of emotional problems... most of which are these: lack of self respect, low self-esteem (which is why they tend to disrespect and destroy the self-esteem of others who are not like them), insecurity,and alcoholism, narcotics/drugs (money = access)

Preps are also mostly perceived as narcissistic with a superiority complex; and quite possibly the fakest people you will ever meet in your entire life!

There can be however a SMALL percentage of the prep population who are NOT what was described above, but in fact the opposite.
Most preps in this world share one brain; a brain of shallowness,immense ignorance, and loss of true identity. Being a prep is like celebrating Halloween every day since they always like to be someone or something other than THEMSELVES every day of the year.

Two words to simply describe MOST preps in this world:

by Twentyfour December 29, 2005

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A group of female singers who are carried by the lead vocalist.
PussyCat Dolls: "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"

Me: My girl is hotter than all those nasty girls combined!
by TwentyFour November 09, 2007

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A somewhat hyper cook on the food channel. Now currently has her own show on the ABC network. Wears tacky clothes, and does indeed look like the JOKER. Trashed, and bashed repeatedly by many. Has her own hatesite, but is still loved by many as well. Does not clean nor prepare food very well. Tends not to wash her hands when handeling meats, and spreads the germs on a damp towel nearby.
Has an incredibly big ass (which is nice), but unfortunately A cup Breasts if that much... :X
Rachael Ray is going to give someone in her audience food poisoning if she is not careful.

Rachael Ray needs to cut down on the Chicken stock; not everything needs chicken stock.

by TwentyFour October 20, 2006

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Otherwise known as the Internet Wrestling Community. A group of people, who tend to criticize the favorable Pro Wrestling product, and favor the minority Pro Wrestling product such as FIP, or ROH. Tend to have a different look on the ring work. Seem to enjoy Pro Wrestlers with little to no personality that can put on meaningless 50 plus minute matches of 80% Gymnastic spot fests, and 20% actual wrestling that neither tell a story about either wrestler nor showcase the selling of any maneuvers longer than 30 seconds.
The "IWC" is basically a group of Pro Wrestling "Smark" fans that spend the majority of their life in Message boards or Wrestling chat rooms. They usually tend to argue with women and children (extremely pathetic in nature)and pose an arrogant attitude. People of the "IWC" are generally social rejects that tend to fit extremely well with the typical suburban highschool geek or misfit. However the ones that are much older will tend to have facial hair, and appear ungroomed.
by TwentyFour October 20, 2006

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A WWE superstar with a big nose who happens to be married to the daughter of WWE Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

A former 10 time World Champion, 1997 King of the ring, 4 Time Intercontinental Champion, Tag team Champion, European Champion, and 2002 Royal Rumble winner.

some dude: Have you seen HHH on TV latey?
Me: The self proclaimed "god" of RAW? Of course... he really let himself go.
by Twentyfour December 29, 2005

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A Smark is one who claims to have "inside information" on the Wrestling Industry, even though the majority of them are most likely filled with false rumors posted by other "Smarks". An extremely stupid nick name created by those particular fans. Tend to be extremely negative on what the majority seem to favor. At times extremely hypocritical, and have an annoying "know it all" type of attitude. (The type of men women tend to dump, and make fun of behind their backs ;P) Also tends to spend more time on message boards, and on chat rooms than focusing on more important issues.
A Wrestling Smark is an extremely silly nick name to describe a Pro Wrestling fan whom acknowledges that Pro Wrestling is scripted as opposed to the "Mark".

"Smarks" tend to spread more false Pro Wrestling rumors all over the internet more than anyone else.
Despite what "Smarks" claim they know on a Pro Wrestling business, they can only know if and only if they are on the road or work in their corporate headquarters. And there is very little chance that they do.
by TwentyFour October 20, 2006

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A fictional character of DC Comics who resides in a fictional world known as Gotham City. By day he is Bruce Wayne; a popular and wealthy businessman that heads 'Wayne Enterprises'. By night he is the vigilante known as Batman; a man determined to rid the city of crime and avenge his parents' death doing it.
Batman works fine on his own, he doesn't need that pussy fruitcake Robin tagging along.

by TwentyFour November 09, 2007

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