A large number. More brain cells than I've got.
Potter: Don't give a monkeys ass. *sits down and starts drinking beer*
by Wowee dude August 3, 2017
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The power level Frieza's second form.
According Vegeta, this was "absolute madness"
"By the way Vegeta, did I happen to mention that my fighting power in this form is over 1000000"

- Frieza after transforming
by Milk Shortage March 11, 2009
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the best pleasure that someone could ever get in there life. It feels so good that it turns purple and will make you pass out
"give me the gock gock 1000000 so it an feel amaxing"
by niceguy1000 March 7, 2022
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Person 1: man im hungry
Person 2: yeah me too

Person 1000000: █████████████████████████████████████████████
by guywhoscool September 8, 2023
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