basically means wow that is fucking incredible how/why did he/she do that?
holy fucking shit he put his tounge in his asshole.
by napoleondynamite June 7, 2005
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What happens when young Asian males attempt to increase their penis length with a pair of pliers, a rope and a Honda motorcycle, concluding in the dismemberment of a perfectly normal 3 inch penis.
Holy fucking shit, I feel like as if I've lost my viriginity once again to an angry midget!
by ekoshyun July 2, 2003
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HFS: An acronym standing for Holy Fucking Shit, mainly used for things that require more than just a "Fuck" or a "Shit."
Person 1: Bro someone left a huge dook in the toilet bowl!
by Mac-role Roll March 29, 2018
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An expression of exclamation about something, anything that could be good or bad, commonly abbreviated H.F.S.
Sam: Dude, my granma passed away last week...
John: Holy fucking shit man, im so sorry.

Liam: I just got 10 grams of weed!
Andrew: Thats insane dude, holy fucking shit!
by DactaTomas June 11, 2014
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A piece of shit that is fucking something so it becomes holy (doesn’t make any sense? Yeah I know)
James: holy fucking shit look at her ass
Jack:Damn boy that’s a thick fucking ass
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Commonly used by sailor mouths that have been surprised,scared, etc...
Holy Fucking shit that was hard

rollerblader#1: imma do that gap
rollerblader#2: Holy fucking shit you fell on your face
rollerblader#1: It hurts!!!
rollerblader#2: Holy Fucking Shit!!!
rollerblader#1: Call an ambulence
rollerbalder#2: Holy Fucking Shit!!!!

Holy Fucking Shit I busted a huge nut.
by Chimmychong March 25, 2007
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