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A Deven is the type of guy who is hilarious and amazing to be around. He is handsome, talented, and kind. He is often known for his musical skills, and you can spot a Deven easily, because their hair is better than anyone else's in the room. Never underestimate a Deven, they are always great people, and can cure a bad mood with just one conversation.
Girl 1: Whoa, that guy over there with the cute hair and guitar? He is such a Deven!
Girl 2: He totally is! I've talked to him before, he is so nice and funny.
Girl 1: I so wish I had his number. Such a Deven!
by shavethemournstache November 19, 2014
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Sexy beast from the east!
A person who you'd wanna fuck all night long.
Strong manly man
a male who is exceptionally good in bed

literally the nicest person in the worlddddddd

The best boyfriend a girl can ask for. Will do anything for you and will love you with all his heart. Any girl who dates him will be the happiest girl on the planet.
G: Oh is that Deven?
S: Yea I think it is.
A: Oh, Don't u 2 just wanna fuck him all night long?
G: Fuck Yea

by 77710 January 01, 2009
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Deven... Deven would be the ideal boyfriend! INCREDIBLY sweet! Would do ANYTHING for you! Very cute and loving. Really good in bed
That Deven is Really sweet!
by promithazine_254 November 28, 2012
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Cute, Sexy,Funny
Lights up any room
Can be rude to someone he likes.
Hey look it's deven ignoring that chick, we all know he likes her.
by UrbanDictionary005 December 10, 2017
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Meaning "Don't even" from the term "Mi d'even swim". Used by popular Jamaican Dancehall Artiste Aidonia in his video response to Vybz Kartel.

Used in Jamaican slang.
Video response and other related videos can be found on youtube.
Cory Todd: Ya fish?

Donia: Right ya now mi d'even swim.
by Stullesha September 24, 2012
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