"HD" Stands for Hyperactive disorder. Also used as a verb. To do something with tremendous energy.
The bitch kicker "HDed" his way down the field after the kickoff.

Ex.2 The baseball player "HDed" his way around the bases when he seen his pills sitting on the bench.
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HD comes from sexual intercourse with technological devices
"Dude that chick has HD she screwed a dvd player"

"He got so into the Wii he contracted HD and died...FAG!"

"She's such a slut man, she has so many HD's, one from the toaster, another from her PSP, hell even from an 8 track!"
by leah b and shelby f May 31, 2009
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This is an acronym for heavy diss.
I called Keyvone a retard. That was very HD of me.
by Robby D 420 July 11, 2008
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Acronym for History Day. Had to say it so many times that it needed to be shortened.
We gotta have an HD meeting, guys, our board sucks.
by Sheepling January 12, 2005
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"Hairy DownStairs": 1. a term used to refer to a female's vaginal region that has not undergone any means of hair maintenance in quite some time. 2. An "all natural" woman.
<Scott> What the hell is wrong with Mark always picking up dirty hippie girl hitchhikers?
<Joel> It is because he can't stop trying to get into the pants of girls with the HDS dude.
<Scott> He is nasty as all hell...
by Duckhead May 31, 2013
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"High Driver Syndrome"
1. When one is under the influence of marijuana and operating a vehicle, not realizing how fast one is going they slow down and then realize they are going too fast so they speed back up. This process is often repeated.

2. When one speeds up because they realize they are going too slow and might get pulled over for going too slow. On the other hand, one feels like they are going too fast, so they slow down.
1. This guy keeps speeding up and slowing down, he must have HDS.

2. Dude, why do you keep speeding up and slowing down? Because I have HDS, man. I don't want to get pulled over for going 30mph in a 60mph zone.
by Guitarlickin December 16, 2013
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"hd" is a verb that describes when a person is sexually aroused. Being "hd" originated from the word "horndog" and was later used as a substitute for the words horny or being turned on.
Boy: "I want to grab your neck from behind, suck it with little nibbles of bites to get you moaning my name. I want to spread my wet kisses all over your tights and make you drag my head such that I am kissing your pussy all over. I want you to moan in ecstasy as I try the crazy new things I have learned!"

Girl: "Holy shit! You just made me so hd!"
by wetboy3000 January 03, 2019
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