a guy or girl that is always horny
by darkwingangel February 3, 2011
Used to describe someone that is horny, usually in a comical sense.
You need to cut back on the porn, you're a horndog.
by Konidias April 8, 2003
some one with a high sex drive,
frequently horny,
craving sexual acts regularly,
gets immense pleasure out of 'doin de business'.
wow, u gotta take it easy little horndog!!

he was all over me last night, hes such a horndog!

look at those two horndogs goin at it in the bushes!!
by megan fox June 27, 2006
Someone who is horny all the time or a horny person.
Mike tried to feel me up the whole night. He's such a horndog!
by Sgt Bigglesworth January 30, 2009
not to be confused with corndog, a horndog is someone who desperately would like you in his/her pants. (yes, us girls can be horndogs too) horndogs tend to forget their natural surroundings because they are so horny they'll do anything to get inside you. The horndog is a mighty creature that will stop at nothing to fuck you, i gues is really what i'm really tryig to say. Now go out there and find yourself some condoms you naughty children !
girl - "ooo...someone took his viagra today."
guy - "just call me a horndog !" =D
by xorescuemexo May 25, 2006
1. a REALLY, REALLY horny guy...or girl.

2. a dog that is humping your leg.
1. Gary was jerking off in the men's washroom again. What a horndog, eh?

2. Get this flippin' horndog off my leg!!
by ze_kimster January 16, 2005
A guy who is always horny, and trolling for the ladies.
Who is that horndog trolling for sex on the boardwalk? Dat be Dehoux.
by the truth2u January 21, 2011