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"Hairy DownStairs": 1. a term used to refer to a female's vaginal region that has not undergone any means of hair maintenance in quite some time. 2. An "all natural" woman.
<Scott> What the hell is wrong with Mark always picking up dirty hippie girl hitchhikers?
<Joel> It is because he can't stop trying to get into the pants of girls with the HDS dude.
<Scott> He is nasty as all hell...
by Duckhead May 31, 2013
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A quick service resturaunt in Western Pennsylvania known for its poorly wages and awesome chili and cheese fries. The Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe, which started in 1959 was the realization of a dream come true for two brothers – Victor and Francis Trevelline. The current Owner Frank Papa was cheating on his wife at the office. The old owner Victor saw Mr. Papa and it was too much for him to handle. He had a heart attack and died.
Now, the HDS has become a piss poor place to work at. They usually hire the lowest grade employees so the owner can have enough money to pay his ex-wife off and his aircraft.
<Bob>Dude, this weed is good.
<Dave>I know man, it is making me hungry
<Bob>We should go to the HDS because we have the munchies.
<Dave>MmMmMmMmMmMm chili and cheese fries
by FireLt3314 August 28, 2004
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"High Driver Syndrome"
1. When one is under the influence of marijuana and operating a vehicle, not realizing how fast one is going they slow down and then realize they are going too fast so they speed back up. This process is often repeated.

2. When one speeds up because they realize they are going too slow and might get pulled over for going too slow. On the other hand, one feels like they are going too fast, so they slow down.
1. This guy keeps speeding up and slowing down, he must have HDS.

2. Dude, why do you keep speeding up and slowing down? Because I have HDS, man. I don't want to get pulled over for going 30mph in a 60mph zone.
by Guitarlickin December 16, 2013
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"Hot Dad Syndrome": an instance in which a bro of certain hottness is also in possession of an infant or small child with whom he is sweetly and cutely interacting, therefore rendering him hotter
I was down at Shipe Pool last Saturday and there was a serious case of HDS.
by babesharer August 30, 2010
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