Skeppy: 14

Skeppy: I hid your helmet in a chest
BBH: WHERE IS IT!?1?!???!?!??!/1/!/!/!?!?!/?! >:(

Person: BBH why are you so sensitive, you have a mental breakdown each time you see skeppy
by MaxxoTaxxo March 10, 2019
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Bro's Before Hoes

Term can be used in a variety of ways but basically comes down to a woman coming before the guys. Pretty self-explainatory. If one were to see somone like Tamez, one wouldnt need a reason, and you could just shout it at him. BBH! its already implied as to why.
When the boys are recieves a call from his women tellin him to come home(or anything suggesting he leaves for her) would respond .....YO son, BBH!
by Nasty Nick December 11, 2004
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Bun Bo Hue:

A Vietnamese noodle soup dish from the central Hue region of Vietnam. It features a spicy beef broth, thick rice noodles, and a variety of beef and pork parts (the more exotic of these include pork knuckle and chunks of coagulated pig blood). Sometimes served with cow penis. Out of all the popular Vietnamese noodle soups, it is the most flavorful and is considered comfort food. Often acronymized to BBH.
preferably in Vietnamese accent

Mang 1: "Bro, bro, bro... I want to eat some soup. You want to eat the pho?"

Mang 2: "Duuuu ma. We ate the pho yesterday. Let's go eat the BBH."
by Namteo January 4, 2011
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BBH (Blanket Burrito Hop) is the act of wrapping ones self in a blanket and proceeding to hop towards a desired destination.
Its too cold to get out of bed, i need to BBH to the shower.
by DeafCatMoan January 26, 2015
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Short for the phrase 'Biggest Bloke Here'. It is a reflection of masculinity, commonly associated with a conquest, either physical, social or academic.
"Dude, did you hook up with that hottie?"
"Well, they call me the BBH for a reason"
by P-Dids October 2, 2011
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In addition to my previous entry, it can also be used in a positive manner when one puts his boys before da hoes. Lil dick is a good example of this.

Mikey chooses to chill wit da boys over possibly gettin play but knows his boys come first.
Tru man Tru...BBH fo life!
by Nasty Nick December 11, 2004
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