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A word that is unacceptable in any school or home environment.
Guy1: You are such a (Explicit)!!
Guy2: And you just said a Bad word.
Math Teacher: Michael I need to see you after class.
by TheToxicChad February 11, 2014

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Response to when someone asks you id you want to Netflix and chill.
-Guy: ayy gurl wanna Netflix and chill?
-Girl: how about HBO and No.
by TheToxicChad October 26, 2016

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A word for someone so inept and stupid, they can barely function in society. Also a dysphemism for a fluffy vagina.
You stupid crumblecunt don't press the red button!!!!

Her vagina is so fluffy it literally is a crumblecunt.
by TheToxicChad July 09, 2018

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