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acronym for Hand Butt Fuck, where a man or woman inserts fingers, and eventually the entire hand, into one's ass for pleasure.
Jenna kept trying to HBF me last night when I was sleeping, SO annoying, I had work in the morning!
by AlexJenna March 19, 2008
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Hot but fat. Used to describe a person who would be pretty hot if they weren't fat, or who is hot despite fatness.
Jesse: Why are you even dating that cow?
Rik: Come on, man! She's hbf! Imagine if she lost 40 pounds.
Jesse: Yeah, I guess she's hbf.
by tittybot July 07, 2011
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1. Hot boy friend

2. Horny boy friend

3. Horny best friend
1. My hbf is coming with me to the theater you wanna come?

2. Sara refused to accept that Matt was acting very hbf.

3. Courtney couldnt deal with a hbf
by natalya July 24, 2006
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Heterosexual Bar Female

The type of female that is stereotypically found in a bar where teasing, getting drinks bought, and wearing limited attire are the focus.

Women who fall into this category are inexplicably identifiable outside of the bar in broad daylight.
"I bet that HBF has nice TNA."
by Chris Dehaan March 11, 2009
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Harsh but fair
Saying something about someone or something , thats mean but deserves.
Joe:Ur mums a fat whore!
Jack: Ease up man!
Joe: Oi it was HBF!
by mitch burns June 13, 2007
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