stands for both

She and I are named as H&L because we're meant to be.
by hieuey May 4, 2006
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Stands for Hannah plus Luke. This is the ship almighty. Hannahs and Lukes have such great chemistry, their attraction is natural. If you see a Hannah and Luke together in any circumstance, congratulate them on their marriage, first child, and retirement all at the same time.
“Did you see that cute couple?”
Yeah, I think that was H+L
by Catnip Samantha January 11, 2020
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1. A person who goes on to forum sites (A.K.A Message boards) and post useless topics and/or post.

2. A person who changes his/her opinion on something said when verbally attacked by others.
Example #1
An H-L: I like popcorn.

Person: popcorn is fucking gross and gay.

An H-L: Yeah I hate it.

Example #2
An H-L: Hey forum check out this completely useless post.
by sdglakjewflkjdalekwjf January 18, 2011
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when you iz a bama and ya know it and you take to many free samples and you iz an afreakenand when you steal stuff from the dollar tree.
look at that man Oh H**l no lookin like on crack what is he don, get secerity he needs to go.
by Big T pimpster March 21, 2009
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has more then one meaning..

1. H.4.L = Homies 4 Life

2. H.4.L = High For Life
1. me and alex stay H.4.L yo !

2. fuck the world homie imma stay H.4.L !!
pass the blunt !
by LazySmoker5150 April 5, 2009
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Other wise known as a hint of lynne. Where a person stretches the truth and or makes excuses as to why they arent able to preform a task or duty. Often to facillite their mood or just plain laziness. Just a good old fashion mind fuck to gain emotional control. Control freak.
So payday wont happen today because your system is down? The printer is broken? I dectect an extreme H-O-L.
by clusterfocked September 30, 2005
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