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A goddess of attractiveness and super intelligence. Talks too much and loves the color pink. Has super cute feet, and extremely paint able nails. Most lovable type of girl in the whole world.
"You're such a lynne"
by la_la_la July 13, 2009
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pronounced: (lin)

1. Female name, derived from old English meaning "waterfall".
2. A person, female, who has both inner and outer beauty, delightfully small yet fearfully strong, commonly having faithful minions (typically named Ryan) that will cater to her every whim.
3. One who exhibits the qualities of a waterfall, including but not limited to: soothing, refreshing, smooth, beautiful, mesmerizing, life-giving, life-taking, overpowering, unstoppable
My name is Lynne, it's old English for "waterfall".
Sandra Bullock's character in The Proposal is such a Lynne.
She's so hot and nice, but she could totally kill me without even trying. She's so Lynne; I think I love her.
by calidad810 February 10, 2010
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that dark mysterious thing that flys past yu.. yup its a shadow ninja..
hey! wheres my cheese?
Shadow ninja lynne took it =D
by shadow ninjaa July 16, 2006
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A loud mouthed teen-aged female who ditches her friends for her own selfish ambitions. Also know as a back-stabber.
She's Lynne... what do you exspect?
by Xomikki May 31, 2010
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Flabby Aging Barbie Doll (also known as Cougar ) with psychopathic tendencies masquerading as your wife. Before the ink has even dried, she's pregnant and starting to show signs of her sinister heritage. Amazingly, she gives birth to a beautiful child, however cracks begin to appear in her sweetness, as she compulsively amasses jewellry, assets and money for your "future together". Once you've dragged her away from her Adidas and Nike, and her nouveau riche conversion to Prada is complete, she reveals her full Jabba the Hut mojo and in one fell swoop, evicts you from your house, swipes all assets, kidnaps your child and serves you with papers. This Coyote Ugly is often found preying on young men in night clubs at 5 AM. She can be recognised by her clothing which is usually white and 3 sizes too small, her fake teeth, tits, lips, nose etc. and the obligatory ciggie dangling from her claw like siren red finger nails. Despite her newly stolen riches, Lynne's sub-standard fashion choices make her background self-evident to the skilled eye. Young innocent men, beware!!
Q: Did you hear about the Lynne?
A: Got stuck in a trap, chewed off three legs and was still stuck.

Lynne's on the pull tonight, so she'll need to get herself down to River Island to get the latest clobber.
by Younger Than You February 05, 2010
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