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Someone that is sexually attracted to feminin individuals, or woman, or people that “look” like a woman
Sally is going to go on a date with Ari, yes they are not a woman but they are female precenting, and Sally is gynosexual.
by Agent37 June 23, 2018
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Anyone who has sexual leanings towards females.

From the greek gyno meaning female, and the latin sex meaning sex.

Derived due to the incorrect pronunciation of "homo" in homosexual as "home-oh", meaning "man", rather than the correct "homm-oh", meaning "same". Hence a "home-oh"sexual is attracted to men, a gynosexual is attracted to women, and a "homm-oh"sexual is attracted to members of the same sex.

A bisexual is attracted to men and women and is hence homm-oh-sexual, home-oh-sexual and gynosexual.
Steph, Clare, Nick and Nnamdi are all gynosexuals. They luuurv the boobies.
by Brow5 January 22, 2006
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Someone who licks the assholes of goats. They like to insert their slimy tongs inside of the goats and feel immense pleasure at the sound of the goat moans, but they will try no to smile, as it will curve their tongue, in turn causing the tongue to stop touching the goat clitoris. If they stop touching the goat clitoris too early, the goat will kick up its legs and whip its penis onto the gynosexual individual which could cause them to puke. After the gynosexual individual has licked the goat's asshole enough, the goat will cum on a plate that the individual will hold out in front of him (objects held in front of them may vary from bowls to hands, to water bottles, etc). When they have the cum on the plate, the individual will first kiss the goat on the lips for anywhere from 2 minutes, to 30 minutes, then they will decide what to do with the cum. Some individuals will lick the cum off of the plate for pleasure, some will slap their cock on the plate for hours at a time, and some will just stare at it with delight (usually while giving themselves anal stimulation). A lot of the time, the individual will realise how much they love the goat, and find it again. Then they might proceed to do anything from trying to marry the goat, to having a more serious and open sexual relationship with the goat. A common thing that the individuals will do is try to get it to cum more.
person 1: What the fuck is that gay fucker doing over there? That is fucked up as hell. It makes me want to go chop off my cock and insert it into someone's belly button.
person 2: Didn't you hear? He is gynosexual. He likes to do that kind of thing. You'd better stay away from him. The only thing is, I wonder what his breath smells like, and how soft his cock is.
Gynasexual Man: *Moan* you guys are *moan* missing out.
Person 2: Fuck you man. *chops off cock* I did this because I couldn't stand having the same gentiles as someone who world lick a bull's asshole.
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by HORNYGREENMAN January 19, 2017
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