Can be awkward at first glance but if you make an effort to get to know her she will most likely surprise you. She is gorgeous, smart, funny, multi talented, kind, generous, supportive, strong (mentally and physically), usually pretty chill, athletic.. Clare might come of as dumb, odd, etc but its usually because she doesn't do well under pressure and is not a show off. Clare is a ambivert.. it can be hard for her to open up and express her true self so if she does you are very lucky and I would try not to hurt her feelings because if you do she will most likely have a hard time opening up to you again.. she will only open up to those who have proven themselves worthy and open up to her first. She is often hurt because of her caring nature and her want to please everyone. Clare is the type of person who would risk her life to save a stranger. . Clare will not hesitate to stand up for her anyone being bullied. She has a hard time when it comes to love though she has multiple guys and girls in love with her.. this can be stressful for her because she doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.. if she LIKES someone she will do everything she can to make them happy but if someone else likes the same person she will most likely back off not wanting to get in the way. She endures a lot alone and usually will not talk about what is bothering her in order not to upset anyone. She tries to be as optimistic as possible though it can be hard sometimes.
If you have a Clare never let her go..
like I mentioned Clare has many talents but her strongest is probably her singing she has the voice of an ANGEL.
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Clare (not Claire) is a smart, kind, and beautiful girl. She will not only love you, she will also be your best friend. She is a little bit shy, but if you get to know her, she will be one of the funniest people you have ever met. Don’t be too bold or brash with her. If you want her to love you, get her to be your friend first.
Person A: She’s so hot! I’m going to ask her out!
Person B: Get to know her first, she’s a Clare.
by Sushi in your face October 21, 2018
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A Clare is a beautiful kind hearted girl. Although finding the right person may be a struggle. Clare's often are very attractive and good looking, but when it comes to finding the right person it may take many times. Clare's take care of other people before themselves. They can help with even the littlest struggles in life. If you have a Clare as a friend (or more) you are probably one of the luckiest people on earth.
by Cambell January 14, 2017
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An Irish name, a Clare is usually pale and very beautiful.

A Clare is also the funniest girl you will ever meet. She has many jokes up her sleeve. Tends to be sarcastic at times.
You will also wonder how she knows so much about films and television. She probably has an encyclopedia of media in her brain.
Person 1: I can't breathe, she has made me laugh so much!
Person 2: Same. I think I just peed a little!
Person 1: What a Clare that girl is!
by sugarplumferry12 April 12, 2011
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A beautiful, kind hearted, yet firey soul.On the whole this foxy cat is a gem but woe betide the person who does not fold the tent correctly or pack the boot correctly.
Clare is a diamond of a lass but has fiery pottential.
by Fogsy July 14, 2006
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Extremely bright, and wonderful to be around. They are lots of fun and are quite nice. At times they can be sassy, but they are always helpful.
Did you hear? Clare got 100% on that history exam!
Really? I got 56%. Maybe I should see if she can tutor me.
by purpleelephantz March 26, 2010
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A typically female name. It means "clear" or "clarity". She is usually friendly, outgoing, and extremely multi-talented. Her journey is the envy of many.
Person 1: Did you read Clare's paper linking architecture and futurism?
Person 2: It was brilliant. I hear she is working on a new film now. Speaking of which, have you seen her new storyboard sketches?
Person 1: Not yet, but that is so Clare.
by ExquisiteExquisite July 5, 2008
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