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Describes any individual that is sexually attracted to femininity in general, which can be limited, or not, to the sex of the individual. Which means, the attraction may not be dependent if this person is male or female, but rather their gender expression (if they are feminine.)

Important to point out that the term gynosexual is not a “new” sexual orientation, but rather a term to better acomodate or describe other sexual identities of different people. For instance, a man that is attracted to both feminine woman and feminine men, is bisexual and as a result, gynosexual as well. Same thing goes for a non binary person that is attracted to woman, uses the term gynosexual to avoid confusion with how to label themselves, homo or hetero (since they dont identify themselves as male or female). Straight men, as a result, are gynosexual as well (but their attraction is limited to the sex, diferent from a bisexual individual, that can have attraction for both).

Anyone can be gynosexual regardless of their sex, gender, or sexual orientation.
- I think that anyone that looks feminine can be attractive to me. What am I then?
- I don’t know, but one things for sure. You are gynosexual.
by IOwnALego111 December 31, 2022
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