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A word used by losers as an alternative to the word loser.
Clare loves maths. What a losertron.
by Brow5 January 22, 2006
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Anyone who has sexual leanings towards females.

From the greek gyno meaning female, and the latin sex meaning sex.

Derived due to the incorrect pronunciation of "homo" in homosexual as "home-oh", meaning "man", rather than the correct "homm-oh", meaning "same". Hence a "home-oh"sexual is attracted to men, a gynosexual is attracted to women, and a "homm-oh"sexual is attracted to members of the same sex.

A bisexual is attracted to men and women and is hence homm-oh-sexual, home-oh-sexual and gynosexual.
Steph, Clare, Nick and Nnamdi are all gynosexuals. They luuurv the boobies.
by Brow5 January 22, 2006
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