Growth of breast tissue in men. Frequently caused by excessive aromatization of testosterone eithor from puberty or anabolic steroids. Can be remedied by use of tamoxifen citrate as directed by doctor or by surgery.
by Dabuek August 13, 2004
aka bitch tits... or gynoclomastia is what happens when the aromatizing enzyme creates too much estrogen in males. can be prevented with arimidex or aromasin. or sometimes it can be reversed with femera or letrozole.

symptoms: puffyness of nipples, itchy or painful nipples.
damn i think im getting gyno. i might have to stop this cycle.
by 2slick4u July 10, 2010
woman: "I had to go to my gyno to take care of my panty critter situation."
by Sweaterson May 14, 2008
A male who is surrounded by pussy 24/7 but never gets any himself.

One who seems to have endless female friends yet lacking in any romantic companionship.
'Why is benedict always hanging with ling? Are they on the tune?'

'Nah man he's just a gyno'
by Fauzbola69 November 13, 2016
If someone has their legs up in stirups gettin' ye 'ol annual & they suddenly surprise their OB-GYN with a wretched stream of explosive diarrea.

This condition is worsened when said patient sees no problem with coating their physician with a think sticky coat of leftover chinese & cake, but instead says "oops. a little bout of diarrea." It is even better when you overhear this phone conversation at work.
I was at the gyno, and did a little gyno-no-no right in his face!
by Tard November 9, 2004
To say something is bigger (short for gynormous)
"I Live in a gyno house" Said Allison

"What a gyno truck!" Taylor said

"Thats a gyno walloomsac!" Dillon said

"I hate the word gyno, I'd rather say big" said Noah

"You are a Gyno freak" Said Scott
by DillVonTayyMonroe October 18, 2010
The kind of chair that a Gynecologist uses for examination. It's a great 'Sex Toy' for people who like a bit of restraint or Domination
At the Rave, somebody brought in a Gyno Chair for part of a very sexy performance.
by nonebetter July 31, 2009