an old mean lady who hates everyone but her cat. She usually doesn't have a husband, which is a good thing because if she did she would probably eat him or something. A good example of an old hag is your science teacher that you really hate.
Ms. Reese is a great example of an old hag, since she hates children, yet continues to teach at her crappy New Jersey school. She's like 90,000 years old and has krusty the clown hair. She enjoys making people cry. she is evil!!!
by spaghettieater February 7, 2010
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old fat ugly woman, can be a witch, most of the time is. sometimes has a horribly lazy eye and cant hear worth crap.
me:hey fucktardjoo mama is an old hag

you: wahhhhhh! i want my mama!
by mackzy October 23, 2004
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usually seen around an old geezer. she yells at young boys passing by dragging sticks across her fence, or even yelling at her great dane shes too old to even own.
"you boys throwing rocks at my woofie?"
"shut up you old hag and go fuck your geezer!"
by Doug Streichan September 17, 2007
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What boomer’s call their wives
Grandma: What am I gonna do?

Grandpa: Just get some work done ya old hag!
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What teenagers online call people in their twenties when they get called out for shitty takes and have nothing more original to say. Usually accompanied by hiding behind their age.
“I’ve been faking being their friend because their vibes are off.”
“That’s immature just tell them what’s wrong
“Why are you arguing with me, Im only 16 and you’re an old hag
by dixinormousconsumption August 18, 2021
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