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Simply the sexiest guy alive. All girls want to date him. He is extremely handsome and sweet.
I wish I was going out with Gustavo.
by Joe joe 43 February 16, 2009
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A loving and caring guy who puts others first. Will be or is an amazing boyfriend and always makes sure that their couple is happy. Loved by many, especially by their signicicant other. Once they have found that special girl they will stick with then forever. Incredibly sweetie and sensitive. :)
I wish I had a Gustavo!
by hisone&only February 09, 2012
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Gustavo is a name related to hispanics or mexican race. A gustavo has a big heart but not as big as his cock. A gustavo will fuck u like there is no tomorow but then feel bad afterwards.
Do u see that cute guy? Yea he looks like a gustavo.
by ro1121 December 03, 2013
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The nicest and most sexiest guy ever created on earth. He constantly makes girls laugh with his clumsiness but always stays on the brightside. Everyone likes to always be with him. Really suave and just plain awesome.
Girl 1: Ooh gurl guess what?!
Girl 2: What?!
Girl 1: I met the most amazing guy!
Girl 2:What's his name?!
Girl 1: Gustavo
Girl 2: That makes sense with a guy called Gustavo.
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\g(u)-sta-vo, gus-tavo\ is a variant of Gustave (Barbarian Viking)


1. "royal staff; staff of the gods"

2. Man who looks like a Sexy Redneck from the Farm but that is actually a Blue Blood Latino French Italian Gentle Giant with a Nose named Goldstein.

3. A guy whose modesty lies only above the belt. The LEGEND resides quietly below.

4. An earthy goat-fish humanoid who lures in women with his mystical, intuitive, and sorcerer emerald gold eyes and his mysterious bulldog pokerface.

5. A man who hypnotizes you with his Super-human Abnormally Immense Stunning Eyeballs.
If he is Zero in the back, but HERO in the front, then he is definitely a Gustavo!
by NuniQT January 28, 2011
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a sexual god. Seen by many as a monster in bed, which causes orgasms to any women it touches. He is similar to a king midas but with orgasms.
Oh my god, that beautiful man is such a gustavo.
by donaldduck2016 June 18, 2016
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1: a male, who is not necessarily Mexican, but may have South American or Polish roots 2: generally having the tendency to enjoy extreme sports, primarily jumping and flipping off of high altitudes, such as swing sets
Person 1: Did you see that flip he just did? I heard that guy is from Argentina!
Person 2: He must be a gustavo.
by gotmilk927 July 30, 2008
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