is that one guy you meet at a party and connect with instantly. He has dreamy brown eyes, a warm smile, and has perfectly messy hair. He’ll look like a fuckboy to you at first (bc of his curly hair), but the second you get to know him, you realize that he’s not. He’s the perfect gentleman who actually cares about you the way no one else has. He’s your first love. He’s smart, athletic, and very funny too. He’s also very hott, and tall, and a part of the football team too. He’ll give up his seat just for you, he’ll travel across a bridge into a different city just to see you, and he’ll be straight up and won’t ever lie to you. Yes, he might’ve hurt you before, but he didn’t mean it. Don’t be a dumb bitch like me and let him go.
ex: “goshh i’m still in love with Gustavo”
bff: “i mean duh, he’s your first love
by i_bored December 1, 2019
The most perfect being ever to have walked the Earth. He is extremely handsome, charming, sweet, intelligent, well-humoured, and has a big ass heart,which is just not as big as his volumous bent cock. Every woman and man alive finds him extremely attractive, and dream to have the opportunity of meeting him. He is a sexual god, and can make anyone have orgasmic experiences simply by looking at them. The man is a legend.
Girl 1: Holy fucking shit, who is that gorgeous being who entered the room and has a monster cock?
Girl 2: He is the one and only Gustavo
by G.10 April 20, 2020
A guy who could get as many girls as he wanted if he just gave them a chance. With his hot body and passion for living Gustavo is admired by all. Gustavo is funny and entertaining, a true friend for life. Extremely charming and a total beast in bed.
Girl 1: OMG I can’t get Gustavo off of my head

Girl 2: I had such a good time hanging out with Gustavo Today
by Liljuice February 8, 2020
The hottest guy ever, he is a very nice guy but in the bed he will destroy you.

He will love girls that have a name like monik,monique and monica
Girl1 who is that guy he is so hot
Girl2 he has to be a Gustavo
by Diego 42084 February 13, 2018
Gustavo is the hottest man alive, is built like Greek god, and loves to get high.
Wow.. did you see Gustavo? His body is amazing!
by Sillygooseswaggernoodles January 4, 2021
A guy that will dance in the car with the volume up too 50000 bass boosted
Hey Gustavo can you turn that shit down!!!
by Lucas Z November 12, 2019
The nicest and most sexiest guy ever created on earth. He constantly makes girls laugh with his clumsiness but always stays on the brightside. Everyone likes to always be with him. Really suave and just plain awesome.
Girl 1: Ooh gurl guess what?!
Girl 2: What?!
Girl 1: I met the most amazing guy!
Girl 2:What's his name?!
Girl 1: Gustavo
Girl 2: That makes sense with a guy called Gustavo.