short for "shotgun"; used when you are trying to get the front passenger seat when you and your friends are piling into a car to go somewhere; complete opposite of the seat know as "bitch"
Get the fuck out of the front seat Shitstick, I called gun.
by madchiller July 27, 2006
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G.U.N. - Guardian Units of the Nation.
Maniacal military organistion, which appears in Sonic Adventure 2.
Military forces include: Helicopters similar in appearance to Russian Hinds, Mechs armed with machine guns, rockets, and laser cannons, Hundreds of robot drones called Hunters, who all seem to have very small feet, and thousands of soldiers, agents, commanders, thieves, news reporters, door-to-door salesmen, etc.
G.U.N. are responsible for the deaths of the research scientists aboard the Space Colony ARK.
Because of this, they will pay.
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Something that any old shlub in america can get by going to a gun show or thrift store.
Yo ill be back im gonna go get a gun
Dude, your twelve
by nego November 29, 2005
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an assembly of metal used in self defense and to commit homicides and other felonies on a huge list, which i will not list.

see homicide, felony, prison, drop the soap, bail
I have a gun. I am going to shoot you in the knees now, ok?
by Akuneko the Sly August 04, 2004
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