to cuss someone
to diss someone
oi blud do u want me 2 start gunnin u u little pussyole
by m.c June 3, 2005
To diss someone or call them out. A verbal form of gangbanging
yo dat nigga was gunnin' me for trippin' out on his girl.

I got so pissed off that I started gunnin' people for lookin at me.
by T-dogg_1988 November 11, 2006
to slag someone off/to abuse them behind their back
Stop gunnin on your bitch
by Phil Coole July 2, 2003
when ya playing basketball and a nigga be hoggin the ball and boostin up da court trying to get dat bucket he is gunnin
kobe be gunnin all da time tryin ta force da ball in da basket.
by Guerilla Tactics September 14, 2007
To masturbate furiously. Going all out on your penis. This is done by using long fast pumps. It can also be accompainied by yelling. This is the best and only way to masturbate. present tense: gunnin it, past tense : gunned it, future tense: gunn it
Grant: what did you do after work?

jeff: i went home and went to bed. Then i woke up at 3am and gunned it for like two hours, then i went back to sleep.

Grant: thats too much information.

Mark: would you fuck that fat bitch over there?

Joe: No, id rather gunn it.

David: did mike leave the room when you started bangin that girl you met at the club?

Johnny: No, that dirty bastard sat in the corner gunnin it.
by theLightbringer October 5, 2009
The process of kneeling down on the floor and pounding a girls vagina with your fingers in a gun-like shape.

Gunning it may lead to an increase in the size of the clitorus
ah mate i was absolutely gunnin it in this bird last night, her clit was the size of a golf ball.
by LAD alert March 23, 2010
Amber was gunnin' the ugly dress she wore.

James was gunnin' Mike for the shoes that he wore.
by qdmasta September 6, 2003