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An awesome guy who can rock your world,yet very shy...He can turn that frown,upside down....He usually is in an orgi of women....He also is very athletic and kicks ass in football...
Hooker: I feel sad...

Keyshawn: Don't worry this oughta make you better...

Hooker: Yay a condom!!!
by busty milf of pornos August 06, 2011
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A typical Black male that is lit, have designer clothing, have dry lips, have nappy hair, but he pulls all the ladies.
I wish I was Keyshawn
by Teolover12345 July 10, 2017
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He's a very nice guy, he be pulling all the hoes. He never switched up on his bros. He always play basketball
Yeoo, did you just see Key Shawn pull that baddie the other day?
by FendiKey March 15, 2017
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Your loving BFF and will spam you with many texts and doesnt like to be mistreated and ignores people on the phone sometimes because whos knows what. Keyshawn is a caring person who cares more about the other person when actually that person cares about Keyshawn more than he does. EVERYONE loves Key .Too smart for a freshman is king at fortnite. BFF Key will have many interests as you do too. Keyshawn is your true friend.
by enojadiabla June 06, 2018
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The whitest black person you'll ever meet, but don't tell him this, as he will go from 0 to Salt factory real quick. Plays football and claims to be better at everything than you.
Hey Keyshawn, why you being so salty about the jokes?
by A hot sweaty Milk jug December 28, 2015
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Keyshawn is usually a person who is kick ass at football and gets a lot, and I mean a lot of girls. Keyshawn is usually small but likes to fight and thinks he’s big
Girls: OMG it’s keyshawn should we ask him out.πŸ‘€

Keyshawn: sorry, I’m married to the game🏈.
by Dad🐐 June 12, 2018
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