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the kind of shotgun shell that is used to kill large game and people. it's what police and criminals use in their shotguns to kill humans. it comes in different sizes, the smaller the shot, the greater number of pellets. #4 buckshot pellet is about the size and velocity of a .22lr. there are 27 pellets in one round of #4 buckshot. 00 buckshot has larger pellets but only has 9-12 pellets per shell.
1 round of buckshot to the head is pretty messy.

me killa/ with the buckshot imma peal ya/
layzie bone "mo murda"
by the-sawed-off-gangsta April 24, 2006
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the tiny curls of hair near the neck. this is an indication of a urgent need for treatment or a perm.
that girls got more buck shots than a deer the first day of hunting season.
by race queen June 12, 2009
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dem lil naps on tha back of blackpeoples necks.dem lil curls.
Nae Nae got dem buckshots on tha back of her neck!
by Big DiK TJ fRom Tha 5 1 izzO(510) September 21, 2004
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term used to describe the action of crumpling up a dollar bill and throwing it at a stripper while she/he is on stage.
Hey whoever can hit a stripper in the head with a buck shot first gets a lap dance on me.
by Nilsson March 03, 2008
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The act of ejaculating and the semen flies in everywhich direction.
Guy One:Yo, what happened with your girl last night?
Guy Two:Bad, she was giving me oral and she got a load of buck shot in the face.
by SpookePlayer April 20, 2010
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A Bacardi 151 mixed drink that you chug out of a red bull can. The drink is made by punching a hole in the bottom of a red bull can, pouring out a minimal amount of red bull and filling the can with Bacardi 151 till it spills. You take the drink by placing your mouth over the punched hole and chugging it while opening the top of the red bull can for maximum flow.
I was at Tipsy Clover and ordered two "buck shots", after I took them I blacked out and woke up in a ditch.
by Krazy Mikey V October 10, 2011
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Buckshot: an insanely large amount of seminal fluid secreted on a girl right after rough sex in a splattering form that covers her when the male pulls out for ejaculation.
you should see where i buckshot this chick last night after we banged, it was all over her.
by sms10 April 10, 2011
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