the kind of shotgun shell that is used to kill large game and people. it's what police and criminals use in their shotguns to kill humans. it comes in different sizes, the smaller the shot, the greater number of pellets. #4 buckshot pellet is about the size and velocity of a .22lr. there are 27 pellets in one round of #4 buckshot. 00 buckshot has larger pellets but only has 9-12 pellets per shell.
1 round of buckshot to the head is pretty messy.

me killa/ with the buckshot imma peal ya/
layzie bone "mo murda"
by the-sawed-off-gangsta April 25, 2006
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now what the hell you go and do that for, buckshot?
by dirty sanchez April 20, 2003
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when a person has cellulite and it looks like they were shot with a buck shotgun shell.. mainly in the thighs and ass.
by Kristin Puleo March 6, 2005
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the fat ass roach of a really fat joint, so fat that it resembles buckshot.
Dude, don't throw away that buckshot, I'll totally smoke it when my sack runs out!
by Sarah Lambert March 4, 2008
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Someone with an ate-up acne scarred face, swollen lop-sided eyes, and fucked up teeth.
1.)That chic at the hotel front desk, Kristeen, looks like she's got a bad case of buckshot.

1). Damn, God plays some cruel tricks...she looks like she got shot in the face with some buckshot!
by Harry November 2, 2004
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The process of getting completely blitzed via shotgunning 5 (or more) brews consecutively in a row.

A.K.A. a straight shot to a hook up with any other participates.
The Buckshot is the very first Pussy Magnet.
by F.F. Watters May 4, 2010
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