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1. Old-time word for "slow".

2. Slang for jail.

3. Gumby's orange pony. Pokey is made out of clay and speaks in a low voice that makes him sound more like a donkey than a pony. Pokey is often jealous of Gumby's talents.

4. A cactus-themed enemy from the Super Mario video game series. Its first appearance was the non-canon Super Mario 2 (Super Mario USA in Japan), but made later appearances in other Mario games including Super Mario World and Paper Mario.

5. A main villain in Earthbound. Pokey is a fat, ego-centric boy who causes trouble for Ness and the others throughout the game. He also appears in Mother 3.
1. Stop being so pokey and catch up!

2. He got thrown in the pokey last night.

3. With his cowboy hat on, Gumby rode Pokey through the desert.

4. Don't jump on a Pokey! They're spiny!

5. Pokey REALLY means business now!
by PokeyMan October 30, 2009
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A slang term for Jail. It's usually used with a humorous tint or in writing or speech that's less than serious or dramatic. This is a very uncommon reference to jail.
That drunken fool landed himself in the pokey.
by Cletus Brown August 03, 2006
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adj. and n.

Small stuff usually has a pointy/sharp end. (Canadian slang)

in Don't Starve (a Klei Entertainment game, Klei is a Canadian video game Corp.), some characters would call "stinger of bee", "sewing kit" , and similar stuff pokey, if you understand the word 'pokey' as jail, or nipples on one's breast, obviously they conflict with the meaning for the context.
This will keep the pokeys off of me. (spoken by Willow in Don't Starve game)
(this sentence here is for a Beehat, the word pokey here means the perverted bees in the game.)
by alexshots December 19, 2013
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Used to push down the contents of a joint so you can roach it, or twist the end up
Mate giv' us a pokey to finish this off
by Smoke November 23, 2004
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See Gumby. Orange protoplasmic horse sidekick to green hand- and foot-less Claymation hero. Not very bright but quite willing.
Gumby: Pokey, please get your tail out of the fire
by H2OLemming November 02, 2004
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