When people use the word 'Donald Trump' to describe your haircut.
Oh, your hair isn't bad at all. Now, Donald Trump's hair is a bad haircut.
by yellowlion November 02, 2006
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Having ones hair displayed in an unfasionable manner.
John Kirkpatrick has bad haircut.
by Aaron February 07, 2005
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Bad short cheap haircut done buy some 13-year- old pepper
Eric had a bad hair cut.
Iraq sucks
by Ouelette March 26, 2003
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A day starting with you looking to the mirror to see the face floating there really ugly. One of those days you don't wanna go out, with low self-esteem, when you feel all the people staring at you. Ever had a really unapealing haircut done by some blind a/o taste challenged "hairdresser"? Well, that's the feeling.
-What's happening to Joan? She barely spoke the whole afternoon. Is she OK?

Nah, she's just having a bad haircut day.
by Oroboro August 11, 2011
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A group of middle school overweight kids who live in your small town and drive their parents' lawnmowers through the neighborhood displaying their awesomely bad haircut, asking you to play Yu-Gi-Oh!
"Why is that fat kid driving a lawnmower on the sidewalk pulling another kid on a sleigh in the middle of July?"

"Oh, he's just a Bad Haircut Boy."
by (Matt) May 17, 2005
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