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Group! is an organization on UT campus that exerts more awesomeness than any other organization known to man. The current members of Group! are: The Conquistador of Contortion, Shrankin, The Lord of Subtlety, Joseph, The Master of Denial, Daniel, The Captain of Badassery Studies, Cole, and The Mind of Reason, Mark. Group! membership can only be obtained after filling out an application and receiving a unanimous vote of all members in favor of acceptance(including the future potential member).
Group! road trip!
Group! dinner!
Group! vacation!
and so on...

by gosser05 October 28, 2007
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1. A small or large number of people.
2. Another name for a band.
3. To get something together.
1. That's big group
2. What group's concert are you going to?
3. Group it.
by Adrian December 17, 2006
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When someone glares at madie but actually doesn't and alyssa,haylie, Anika, and mallorie all hated her but she's not brave enough to ask
My little "group" doesn't like people.
by Rosehaters🍓 September 13, 2017
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A small selection of people. Generally named Alyssa, Haylie, Anika, and Mallorie! That Madie claims glares at them all the time! She also claims that Alyssa hates her without actually asking Alyssa before making the assumption.
The little "group" is glaring at me again.
by Rosehaters🍓 September 13, 2017
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The uber stealth group run by Stiles. They're responsible for making all non-Alb solo stealth feel completely miserable when they zerg each one 200 times a day, while claiming to kill full groups.

We know the truth, though.
"Damnit, Stiles and that warder zerg are out camping the bridge again!"

"Yeah, fuck it, I'm logging"
by † February 28, 2005
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