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A fanatcial teenager, often a girl at the cusp of puberty, who squanders vast amounts of hard earned money on useless items of clothes, music, and fashion products. Frowned upon by the more educated sector of our soceity, considred the epitome of ignorance of the teen age life.
Look at the 12 your old dame, shit nigga, she's your classic teenboppa
by natedizzle July 19, 2003

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Russian deragatory term for a dumb American
by Natedizzle February 26, 2003

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A man made work of art set forth to personify mans existence. the Inferior branned cannot comprehend the importance of skyscraper
Fuckin A, some turbin headed cock ruler took down those skyscraper
by natedizzle July 15, 2003

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A contingent of friends that refer to them as whole.
TOJI:WTF is the group doing tonight
GWEEDO: Ya know toji, I don't have all the awnsers
DANNY: STFU you damn WOP
KEVIN: Should i bring the JD?
ALEX: Sure, i like to drink but i hav NEVER been drunk
by natedizzle November 01, 2003

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Mavis Beacon's source for hard core starry jnight pro's and other supeior metalerggys, not to mention inferior made temple maviss'
i sat on a mavis and made it squirt slop on to owly
by natedizzle July 15, 2003

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That fools a Afanigga
by Natedizzle February 26, 2003

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The adjective formely placed on ones current event when they have failed at completing the objective and meeting the criteria for the given assignment
Jose aquired a reject on his event that is currrent, poor bastard was in the country only 6 weeks
by natedizzle February 26, 2003

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