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The key to life. Symmetry makes the world go round.
Death the Kid's sole virtue.
Symmetry is Key. Everything must be aesthetically pleasing. That's why I use the two of you as twin pistols in order to preserve symmetry. When I hold you both I'm completely balanced on the right and left. It isn't perfect because your human forms are so different from each other though. Your hair styles and height for example. Even your boobs are different sizes!


You're disgustingly hideous! What the hell kind of thing are you? I've never seen anything more messed up in my life! Do you know nothing about symmetry? Whoever made you should be dug up from his grave, shot, and reburied! You make me violently ill.


Sun clouds, I LOVE YOU!!!


I'm an abomination! I'm filthy and dirty! And unbalanced! Why is there only one set of stripes?! I'm garbage! Asymmetrical garbage! I deserve to die!
by XxSymmetry~is~KeyxX September 11, 2012
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The art of trying to get endless little dudes to reproduce and mame each other while you play god.
The girl cast her symmetry upon the builder and a full moon appeared.
by EJW June 26, 2005
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Slang for salvinorin B ethoxymethyl ether

Salvinorin B ethoxymethyl ether is a novel and unusually potent artificial salvinorin with an extremely limited history of human use.
Guy 1: I am going to vaporize 10 micrograms of symmetry and be able to feel it.

Guy 2: Wow! that's more powerful than acid.
by Jese A March 03, 2009
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