The act of exposing a large portion of your scrotum to an unsuspecting onlooker without exposing a testicle or anything besides the disgusting and hairy skin of your ball sack.
The Ground Beef is way worse than the goat or the hemisphere cause it can take someone a bit of staring before they figure out what is going on.

The Ground Beef could be the grossest thing i have ever seen.

If you get a good enough Ground Beef going, you can flick your wrist back and forth and get a sound like a ball slap. Its awesome.
by Jakenastics February 23, 2009
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what happens when when a girl with braces gives you a blowjob and shreds your dick
your girl gave me a blowjob last night and i woke up with ground beef !
by Jerimiah The Jigaboo April 23, 2015
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A really beat vagina after a vigorous workout.
" Man I have been riding this bike for too long, i got ground beef"

"I hit it till she was ground beef"
by mertnak April 5, 2009
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When someone is anal fisted, there is a chance that their rectum will stick out. The red, pink tissue looks like ground beef, hince the name.
See: Rosebud
by WhoDatFreshBoi April 8, 2017
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When someone fell off from a really high tall building structure and hit the floor, hence the name "ground" beef.
Lady Gaga: Bruh my nigga Rick Genest just became ground beef. RIP lol
by lil sleep August 4, 2018
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A bovine (cow, bull, or calf) with no legs
"What do you call a cow with no legs."

"Ground beef."
by AnnoyoedWithMommaJokes October 26, 2004
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Said when kim hasbrook falls on the floor when fooling around: "look mom, ground beef"
by TheHaterOfFat May 13, 2004
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