Nasty, dirty, disgusting, foul, revolting, yucky.
Are you sure you want to eat that Chinese food? It looks all grody.
by MoonKnight November 22, 2002
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The state in which something is both grody and beautiful at the same time.
I saw a child being born once, it was grodiful
by thatguythatyoudon'tknow July 02, 2011
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noun: disgusting, dirty or just plain unappealing.

inflected: grodier, grodiest

it seams this may be an Americanized pronounciation of the british "grotty", which means "of poor quality".
"sit in the back seat, i spilled honey on the front seat and it's all grody."

"those are the grodiest rest rooms in the state"
by protocoldroid June 17, 2004
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