Grody, (grow-dee) is a word describing anything gross, grimy, filthy, or dirty in a generally humorous manner.
Guy 1: "Did you see Dan's mustache for Movember? "

Guy 2: "I heard he gave out a few mustache rides, man that thing was grody."
by CLED5 December 17, 2009
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Adj. A word used to describe anything particularly gross or disgusting, commen examples of which are:

your mom

dead baby jokes

clogged toilets

people who don't shower

waking up in a pool of jizz

stories about when you were drunk

Dude, i threw up all over your floor!
by Dan the Handyman September 23, 2010
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a wondeful word made from two adjectives... gross and dirty. Gross + Dirty = Grody.

"WOW dude, you shouldn't smoke because it makes you smell grody."
by Laurlins October 1, 2008
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Trashy, Dirty, Crusty, Foul, Sick Derrik Mogensen
Dude! Did you see Kathiryn's new boyfriend? He's so fuckin' Grody!
by KnNooZiE May 6, 2008
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Rob: "What ever happened to that Jessica chick?"

Chet: "That bitch was grody man."
by Sean McKenzie May 26, 2011
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