The combination of a groan and bloat.
"Ethan, guess what?"
"Daniel Keaton uploaded another gorging vid!"
"How many times did he GROAT?"
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The art or practice of staring longingly at somebody elses food, in order to get some yourself.
Stop looking at my coffee in this cup YOU BIG FAT GROATER

Attention all groaters: KEEP YOUR MITTS OFF
by poobum+weebum September 02, 2009
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Verb. To finger a lady's pussy. Looking for a g-spot with two fingers.
Groated-past tense.
guy 1 - Last night i groated this girl so hard she yelled for her mother. Then after the groating we moved to oral. It was fucking amazing.

guy 2 - Ya I am going to pick up a chick and bring her home, then groat her hard. All for just a one-night-stand.
by Gi Manto April 05, 2008
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Combination of gross and bloated, generally associated with menstrual ailments.
I can't go out tonight, I feel groated.
by TwistedPrincess January 31, 2011
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girl #1-last nights some creep put his finger up my vagina and it felt so good

girl #2- i wish some guy would groat me like he did to u
by Karl Hert April 10, 2008
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