(noun) A house or display that has been decorated with way too many holiday lights, so as to be almost blinding. Origin is from the 1980s movie "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," starring Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold.
I can see that house from a mile away. It's a real Griswold.
by John D.B. December 20, 2005
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Seasonal drivers on the highway who don't know normal hwy driving patterns. Usually pulling trailers, or carrying other recreational equipment.
Traffic is slow with all the Griswolds this weekend
by Mr. Curmudgeon February 17, 2021
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1. A young English boy's name.

2. A red, flavorless drink.
Griswold, frantic, quickly climbed up his shambled tree-house.

"All they have is Pepsi and water... can we go now?"
"Relax, I brought Griswold. My parents got it online."
by Urban Dictionary February 3, 2008
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A bright white pair of shoes similar to the pair given to Clark Griswold from cousin Eddie in National Lampoon's Vacation.
Kevin went out last night sporting a pair of Griswolds
by Seacreature The League October 23, 2009
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The act of touring through various neighborhoods searching for garish, tacky or otherwise 'over-the-top' holiday displays.

A reference to the family name, Griswold, of the characters from the National Lampoon film series; most notably the National Lampoons Holiday Vacation.
We loaded up the minivan with the kids and the camcorder and headed out Griswolding.
by barec2 December 21, 2006
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When without prior warning or notice you don't receive a holiday bonus from your employer, despite receiving it previous years. Because of this assumption you inadvertently over extend yourself financially.
"Spending Christmas in Maui is going to be expensive but worth it for the precious family memories... I hope I don't get Griswolded!"
by BlameApe January 19, 2012
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co-host of the bob and tom radio show, a paranoid germaphobe but very funny
Tom Griswold won't go to a gas station if there is a fuel tanker there and when he is in a hotel he puts the TV remote in a ziplock bag to protect himself from germs, but he is a very funny guy.
by Michael_Hunt June 29, 2008
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