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On the bob and tom radio show whenever there is a story in the news about somebody being arrested Tom Griswold typically makes some comment about prison rape and rings the sodomy bell
There was a story in the news about a guy who was arrested for lewd behavior after he was caught trying to fuck a picnic table, Tom Griswold laughs and rings the sodomy bell.
by Michael_Hunt August 24, 2008
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a more appropriate term for daylight saving time since a lot of time is wasting on the silly ritual of resetting clocks a couple times a year
I hate daylight wasting time, it's such a hassle resetting all my clocks, at least the time on my cell phone resets itself automatically.
by Michael_Hunt March 7, 2009
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a pagan god who is worshipped by many members of the Republican party
Ronald Reagan supported huge tax cuts for the super rich combined with massive increases in military spending mostly for boondoggles like his "starwars" missile defense plan that never worked. This sent our national debt into the trillions. Reagan was known for busting up labor unions and other anti-worker policies that drove down wages while CEO salaries soared. Some of Reagan's other accomplishments include creating the Taliban to fight off a Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and providing arms to Saddam Hussein during the Iraq-Iran war.
by Michael_Hunt April 19, 2009
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millionaires and morons, a term for the Republican party, since the Republicans only care about the uberwealthly anybody who is not a millionaire would have to be a moron to vote Republican
I saw an old rusted out t-cow with a Bush-Cheney bumpersticker it must have been somebody from the moron faction of the M & M party.
by Michael_Hunt May 31, 2008
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the news girl from the bob and tom show, she also takes part in some of their comedy skits
When Kristi Lee is trying to read the news on the Bob and Tom show she is often interrupted by Tom Griswold, usually with some sort of sexual innuendo.
by Michael_Hunt August 10, 2009
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derogatory term for a small dog such as a chihuahua or a pekingese
I was hoping my girlfriend would get a real dog like a german shepard or something that could guard the house, but she just got a damn barking cat.
by Michael_Hunt March 26, 2009
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when numbers on an L.E.D. readout are rapidly changing they appear to be all 8's
I was filling up my car with gas I new I was having a bad fuel day when I looked up at the pump and saw the gallons slowly increase while the dollars were eighted-out.
by Michael_Hunt July 13, 2008
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