a very good snack that takes a slice of cheese between two bread slices, then cooked until the cheese is melted.
"I cooked a Grilled Cheese Sandwich yesterday when i was hungary."
by Kevin March 10, 2004
A funky gross pussy that just isnt right when you open it up.
Yeah i was gonna go down on your grandma last night but it was like opening up a grilled cheese sandwich.
by R.B.Q. January 10, 2003
(adj) When you go to fuck a girl the morning after a long night of shooting it in her dumpster. Its like peeling open a grilled cheese sandwich made with cheddr cheese.
I had to get the crowbar out to fuck her in her grilled cheese sandwich.
by bt January 12, 2005
A folded piece of paper used as a receptacle for semen when no better option is available.
Adding tissues to his mental shopping list, Shmoolie gingerly placed his fresh grilled cheese sandwich to the bottom of the trash.
by jeromino111 January 14, 2011
Occurs when a man is giving a woman oral, and places a slice of cheese on a woman's vagina, lets it melt, and proceeds to eat the cheese off.
Dale: You ever have a grilled cheese sandwich?
Brennan: Like the food?
Dale: No the position
by BenEpps March 3, 2010